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Individually impossible will be Collectively possible

About Glocman World

Glocman Stands for Globally Legally Organised and Coordinated Malayalees Allied Network. We Malayalees are well educated and highly skilled. We do migrate to various corners of the world with high expectations. What will happen if we are not successful in getting a deserving job up to our skills? Currently many of the abroad Malayalees are struggling to find a job, especially students who go for higher studies are not getting any part time jobs. So if we unite and Coordinate in various countries, we could form a finer Network and operate like a Global agency.

We don't need to hire expensive shops/offices in High Street, we could work from home with the help of a professional website as our trading platform. We should use our logo for the propaganda and marketing.

From various corners of the world, we are planning to bring Medical, Dental and Ayurvedic clients to Kerala. Also planning to promote Kerala tourism. Pravasi Malayalees who refer clients for various programmes are. expected to get a reasonable percentage of commission.

We are also planning to promote affordable Kerala home stays even in the small towns and villages of Kerala, so that all corners of Kerala will achieve a revenue from foreign tourists. We are planning a Glocman Directory of Kerala products and that will be propagated in all countries.


We welcome partnership enquiries for all sectors.

There is tremendous scope for Dental & Ayurvedic tourism. We already acquired land in Central Kerala for this project. ayurdent@yahoo.com.

For Dental & Ayurvedic, we do not direct any clients to private clinics, kindly do not contact us for that.

Student recruitment subagents for foreign universities wanted. Sending Kerala gifts to pravasi families, we are looking for franchise agents in all Kerala towns.